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Muktidhara’s Achievements of two and half decades

Ratan Katyayni and Muktidhara team took upon an innovative way to implement this threefold plan in the Aravalis. As a result 400 nomadic communities, self-sufficient social rehabilitation have been created in 400 villages which are part of 400 Gram Panchayats, 40 development blocks, 7-8 Districts (Alwar, Jaipur, Bhartpur, Sikar, Dussa, Sawaimadhopur, Karoli and Chitorgarh) of the Rajasthan state.

16 Nomadic Communities 
(Gadialuhar, Banjara, Bhopa, Sapara-Kanbalia, Bawaria Mogia, Sigeewal, Bazigar, Bharupia, Nat, Bhat, Odd, Kalander, Nathjogi, Bhand, Kuchabanda etc). An effort is being made here to bring in the main stream of national unity and integrity, some 16-17 communities which are 60,000 families in numbers.

At present in these nomadic communities 40 Gram Panchayats are being represented by men and women of these communities.
In the last one or two decades they have not only got the right to vote, Gram Adhikar as well. These communities believes in Gram Panchayat system only, till now they do not have any faith in executive Vidhaypalika, court. The reason for this is there is a lot of difference in human values right from education system to marketization. These communities were not only prosperous and rich but also they were the one’s leading the economy, the social system, education and justice for the country in the ancient Indian times.


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