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is a Law Expertís organization working since 3 decades for the development of Nation. Presently Honíble Justice Shri S.N. Bhargava is serving Muktidhara as Chairman who had been Chief Justice of Sikkim State High Court and Chairman of State Human Rights Commission of Assam & Manipur. Shri Ratankatyayni is serving as Executive Secretary who is a renowned Lawyer and Social Activist and practicing as Senior Advocate in the Rajasthan High Court, Jaipur. A title of ĎMan o the Year-2000í has been conferred upon. Mr. Ratankatyayni by internationally acclaimed magazine 'The Week' in 2000 for the vigorous efforts made by him for the development o Nomadic/Semi-Nomadic Communities of North India.

Keeping in view of protecting the Human Rights of Nomadic/Semi-Nomadic Communities, the organization has been working extensively for their overall development. The headquarter of the organization in 220 Km far from New Delhi and located near the Sariska Tiger Sanctuary, District Alwar, State - Rajasthan.

This Law expertís organization is currently working for the upliftment of 16 Nomadic Communities in the northwest part of India within ARAVALI Mountain range. These communities are always deprived of Human Rights as they have had no national recognition (Identity), no right to participate in their own communities development and they are living without permanent shelters moreover they are not included in the Census of India and are estimated to 5 crore in India. It seems that these peoples are yet not included in the mainstream development of nation.

Organization has extended its support to these 16 Nomadic/Semi nomadic Communities in terms of making their settlements, assisting in obtaining there national recognition (Identity) and involving these disadvantaged sections in innovative income generation activities by establishing warmth and belief in these populaces. In view of the above, Muktidhara has made 400 settlements of these communities within the ARAVALI ranges.

Since last 30 years, Muktidhara is struggling hard for the welfare of these communities and facing a big challenge to establish these disadvantaged populaces in the mainstream of the local community. These communities are always rejected from the mainstream locals continuously ill-treated in the manner of untouchability, abuses and atrocities etc.

After making 400 settlements of these nomadic/semi nomadic Communities, educating the kinds of these communities, accelerating the health care service deliveries, generating livelihood, protection them through local community, providing environmental protection are the major challenges for their overall development. In India there are around 250 nomadic/Semi nomadic Communities totaling to 5 crore persons in population.

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