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संविधान समाज यात्रा - कार्यपालिका, विधायपालिका एवं न्यायपालिका में संविधानिक संवेदना जगाने की समाज-राष्ट्रीय पहल
Constitution Social Travel - Social-National Initiative for Building Constitutional Sense in Executive, Legislature and Judiciary

नागरिक समाज

Social Advocacy Support for SC/ST/OBC/SBC & NT/DNT Communities in Rajasthan & North India states

-  For ST Community (Thanagazi)

-  For NT/DNTs Communities

-  For SBC Communities

Social Advocacy Support for Women for SC/ST/OBC/SBC & NT/DNT Communities in Rajasthan & North India states Only Women

-  For Banjara Community Women

-  For Gadiya Luhar Community Women

-  For Civil Society Women

Social Work

-  Local Community Participation and Empowerment Programme in
   Sariska Tiger Project

-  Sanek Charmer Settlement House Rights work at Pushkar

-  Sinior Citizen Camps with RSRTC for Smart Card
    (Thanagazi and Virat Nagar Block Citizens)

-  Women Lawyers Activist Exposure Visit 27 and 28 December 2016

-  Gadiya Luhar Pad-Yatra

-  Rajor Valley Children Support Programme at
    Diwali Festival 27 October 2017

-  Banjara Toilets

-  Banjara House Flooring Work at Surjanpur

-  Nomadic Community Land Rights

-  Solar Lights Distribution Work

-  Anti Corruption Awareness - Tawadi Gram Panchayat


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