About Muktidhara

Registered in March 1993, Muktidhara is a three decades old organisation championing the cause of the nomadic and wandering tribes in the Aravali Mountain region in Rajasthan and across the country in general. Most of these tribes have always identified themselves as the native gypsy sons of the land. While some communities who left their homes in Mewar to serve in the greater war for our collective freedom against the foreign elements centuries ago, have lost their own identity today due to the grave injustice by the British raj and apathy from our policymakers afterwards.

Under our founder Shree Ratan Katyayni ji, we have battled hard to achieve what governments and society at large have kept their eyes conveniently closed towards decades after the independence- the permanent rehabilitation and social integration of these wanderers. Muktidhara has been tirelessly providing them support to preserve civil rights, constitutional guidance, education, and employability training since 1993.

We lost Ratan bhai during Covid wave while distributing relief materials in the field. Since then, Anant Katyayni has been working to expand his vision and invite your support in making our organisation’s efforts even more impactful. In turn, we will be glad to provide you the benefit of 80G exemption under the income tax regime.

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